What is a pickled punk?

“Pickled punks is the carny term for human fetuses preserved in jars of formaldehyde and used as sideshow attractions. Most pickled punks display some sort of anatomical abnormality, such as conjoined twins or polycephaly; however, the deformities present are as varied as the nature of human afflictions.

The sleepy town of Slumber is home to many mysteries, most notably the Cradle train that is said to connect one world to another. 10 years ago a  strange person named Faust lived in the small town where he earned the reputation of being a ruthless collector of the strange and unusual, even capturing and dissecting creatures from the other world. Now after his demise a little girl called Charlotte and her pickled twin sister tries to uncover the truth of the events that took place in Slumber 10 years ago.

About the author

Hello I am Embryu, although you might also know me as Ina or Ohtan. I’m an aspiring comic artist who likes to draw pug faced children and make up silly lore for my fantasy world. I am self taught and have been drawing seriously for about 7 years.  I spend most of my days drawing and sleeping, occasionally I eat 12 pancakes at once. I also enjoy sitting on my legs til they fall asleep. Pleased to meet you!